Commando by Monty Halls *SIGNED*


A truly incredible collection of stories of true heroism.‘ – Bear Grylls   ‘A barnstorming account of heroism and fortitude from individuals who epitomise the Commando ethos. It’s a splendid read.‘ – Sir Ranulph Fiennes   ‘Monty brings us a glimpse of what the green beret really means and the bonds it creates.’ – Dan Snow  ‘This book is the epitome of those Commando qualities – courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.‘ – Aldo Kane


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There is only one colour that matters, one that unites us all. And that colour is green.

The Royal Marine Commandos have become a byword for elite raiding skills and cutting-edge military operations. They are globally renowned, yet shrouded in mystery. With unique insight and authority, Commando captures the essence and heart of this revered military unit then and now, exploring their role patrolling the high seas and policing coastlines around the globe, and revealing their rich history and what it means to win and wear the legendary green beret.

With full and exclusive access to every level of the organisation, author and former Royal Marine Monty Halls tells the real stories of extraordinary individuals in latter day conflicts and on global operations: from the Mountain leaders in the Falklands War to high profile drugs busts in the Gulf; from amphibious raids in Iraq to feats of ultra endurance to raise money for their brethren in the veteran community. These are the modern vanguard of a legendary unit, descendants of the misfits and eccentrics who were so effective and feared in WW2 that Hitler famously ordered them to be shot on sight. Accompanying a major BBC series on the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, Commandos is an unforgettable glimpse into a rarified world of danger, drama, and valour.


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