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The Unfortunate Side effects of Heartbreak and Magic – Important Note

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Can you buy a child a book?

 Children need books – at any age. With the COVID measures that took place, Local School libraries had to quarantine books,  and manage on limited stock availability, with ever decreasing funds left to provide quality, engaging and up to date reading material.

Back In 2019 we launched our Fill a Bookshelf scheme, to ask customers to consider purchasing a book to be donated to a local school. In 2020 we are brought it back, to ensure that every child can find a book that grabs their attention.


All children need to read books that inspire and captivate them, but most importantly they need books in which they feel they are represented.   

If you are able to support our Fill a Bookshelf scheme, please pop into the bookshop or order a book on our website, fill in the Coupon Code FAB23 and put ‘FAB School’ into the Order notes box. You can also donate a fixed amount in the Fill a Bookshelf area on our shop page. 

By buying a book for a local school or a local child, you are also supporting our bookshop; a local independent small business. Your purchase means that we will be able to survive into 2024 and continue working with schools, organising author visits and enthusiastically promoting a passion for reading to all ages.

This month, we are focusing on getting as many books into the hands of children that need them most. We are supporting the Books That Help initiative by nominating the scheme as the chosen focus of this month’s books. We will be collating bundles of books from the list to deliver to primary schools,  to ensure that all children have access to books that can provide emotional support, and start conversations during difficult times in their lives. Please support if you can.

books that help

Books That Help

Books That Help is a new initiative whichlaunched on 1st August 2022 by Children’s author Clare Helen Welsh. Creating emotionally honest spaces, where children feel able to express their feelings and are supported to navigate them is essential in todays world. This site will be a place for grownups to find picture books that offer support through tough times, covering subjects that include illness, grief, separations, moving house and much more.


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