Boy Who Fooled the World by Lisa Thompson



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Telling a little white lie now and then is harmless, right? But what if it leads to you being a household name and international celebrity? Cole is the boy who fooled the world and finds himself trapped in a huge web of lies… can he break free? The brand new, read-in-one-sitting mystery from the bestselling author of The Goldfish Boy. When a little white lie leads to a huge dose of trouble…

Cole is the odd one out at school: the other kids have the latest gadgets and trainers while his family struggles to make ends meet. Until the day one of his paintings is talent-spotted and sells for thousands of pounds at a posh London gallery. Suddenly, Cole is the toast of the international art world, the star guest on TV shows, rich beyond his wildest dreams, hailed as a boy genius! Being famous is FANTASTIC…

but Cole has a guilty secret that if exposed will bring everything crashing down around him…



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