Library of Souls: Book 3 of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (pb)


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I could feel all the disparate strands of my silly and scattered life converging toward a single point, unseen behind those walls. That’s where it was: the thing I had to do—or die trying.
Library of Souls is the third instalment of the Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children series, in which we follow Jacob Portman’s remarkable story.
The novel opens as Jacob and Emma Bloom, together with talking dog Addison, try to fend off the terrifying hollows and wights that have uncovered Miss Wren’s secret refuge for peculiars. Under Caul’s command, the wights and hollows kidnap the peculiar children, as well as many ymbrynes, and protectors and guides of the peculiar world including Miss Peregrine.
In their bid to save their friends, Jacob, Emma and Addison cross a rubble-strewn, bombed-out London of the 1940s and then deep into Peculiar London. Along the way they realise they must protect the legendary Library of Souls. Thought to be myth, but in fact all too real, The Library contains the souls of all the most significant peculiars; it also houses immense powers that the three protagonists must prevent from being unleashed by the insidious Caul. The whole peculiar world is poised on the edge of destruction.
Full of dazzling clashes and all the phantasmagoric wonder of the previous two instalments, in Library of Souls Jacob must discover if is he is, afterall, the great hero the peculiar children believe him to be.


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